Each forklift product sold by Walk’s Fork’s Pty Ltd comes with warranty as standard. Walk’s Fork’s Pty Ltd hereby warrants that their used forklifts are covered by a parts and labour only limited warranty for a period of 30 days or 50 operating hours whichever occurs first, from the date of delivery. Warranty issues must be reported to Walk’s Fork’s Pty Ltd within the warranty period. Walk’s Fork’s Pty Ltd will at its sole discretion have repairs carried out by its nominated service provider during the warranty period.

This warranty is additional to any equipment or part warranty provided by the manufacturer. It does not cover any claim in respect of an expense, loss or damage incurred or suffered by the customer, including any loss of revenue or profit, as a direct or indirect result of any warrantable claim, except to the extent required under applicable State or Territory legislation.

This warranty does not cover:

  1. Situations where Walk’s Fork’s Pty Ltd has not been notified of the existence of a defect within the 30 day or 50 hour period.

  2. Abuse or neglect of the vehicle in question.

  3. Any repair or modification to the vehicle carried out by the entity other than Authorised Walk’s Fork’s Pty Ltd Agents

  4. Continued use of the vehicle after the discovery of the defect under 1 above.

  5. Items that may be listed on the Final inspection sheet.

The following paragraph applies if the supply is a consumer transaction under the Australian Consumer Law.